We love to tease you… and we love that you want to watch us as we get down and dirty, shagging anywhere we can find because we can’t keep our hands off each other. There’s nothing more erotic than knowing at any point in time, someone might wander by and see us getting down and dirty…

Here’s a sneak peek at our most recent fuck session… enjoy! XoXoX Candie & Rosso


The Sexual Stalker

The Sexual Stalker

Candie shifted as she stood watching the show happening below her. The trailer park was hopping tonight and she gave a slight grin, ever the voyeur she wet her lips and shifted again sliding her brace foot down to lift the other and nonchalantly ease some of the… tension she was feeling as her hips stirred and her sleek thighs grazed eachother ever so slightly. Her vantage point allowed for many things, aside from the sexshow at the trailer park, she could clearly see the gas station and the action there. Humming to herself and wondering if there was something in the water. With a low half laugh her eyes swept to the motel. That’s where her interest truly lay having watched the guy come and go on that wicked looking bike as she passed by… [ teaser story continued here ]


Batman stormed out of the JLA meeting, he heard the gossip, Wonder Woman finally shagged Superman. It figures, he’d heard she was a slut. Not that he was going to complain, but he was pissed that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut about it. It’s one thing to know about them shagging, it’s another thing to have to hear about it and how good Superman was. The Man of Steel, what the hell, the bitch! What was she trying to get at?

Bruce had enough of it all and headed back to Wayne Manor thinking he’d get some peace and quiet for once. That is until he walked in on sexy Selina Kyle sitting at his desk. Not only had Alfred let her in to wait for him, but she’d made herself quite at home as she sat stroking her pussy over her skin tight jeans. She didn’t even notice he’d opened the door and it took him walking up to her to get her to stop with a gasp and jump up.

Grinning as he dropped down in his chair and reached for her, sliding his hand between her thighs and feeling the moisture already making her crotch wet. She gave a shriek as he started rubbing her denim clad pussy, if he didn’t know better he’d have thought she was truly surprised. A few good rubs had her moaning and pushing at her tight jeans until she shed them and stood grinding her bare, wet pussy against his hand.

The tart knew how to get him going. All her moans and the way she moved had him growling and jerking his jeans open as he grabbed Selina’s wrist and drug her down between his thighs. His fat cock jutted from his body wrapped in gnarly veins, with a growl he gripped her dark hair and pulled her hot mouth onto his dick… story continued here ]

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Batman – Trouble Cums In Twos (Full Movie – HD 1280×720)


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All throughout history there are stories of fishermen or sailors lost at sea, and even the everyday person who tells a tale so unbelievable that it just can’t be true. But, what if the stories were true? What if Mermaids, the Siren’s of the Sea, those mythological aquatic creatures that men have longed for and written about… In stories of mermaids, some would use their beauty and charm to lure sailor men to their deaths; sirens would use their singing to lure sailors toward rocks, causing their ships to sink. Some of these mythical and legendary creatures are also said to be able to transform themselves into humans. What if they were real? And what if you just happen to be one of those lucky few who have escaped their sultry, seductive call to be… [ story continued here ]

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MERMAID ~ Siren Seduction (Full Movie – HD 1280×720)


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